Our Products

At Dot's Butcher & Deli we do more than just butcher the best quality meat in town. Our products include an array of old world charcuterie including house-smoked bacon, pates, terrines and a variety of fresh sausage. We are dedicated to our craft and believe in using traditional techniques to make some of the best charcuterie you can find in Seattle.

Depending on the day and whatever strikes our fancy, we also create deliciousness in the form of crepinettes, porchetta, smoked pork chops and many other delightful things that will inspire carnivores and may convert vegetarians. You will always be delighted and surprised at the selection in our case.

Oh, and there are the sandwiches. They are good. There may be a line. But there's always a line for whatever is good in life. Plan on making your day better by eating one. Enjoy meat and life.