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Dot’s Butcher & Deli

Dot’s Butcher & Deli is located in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market complex. We practice whole animal butchery offering the finest cuts of meat sourced from local Northwest farms and purveyors. Whether you want that beautiful Prime Rib for your family feast, fresh sausages for the grill or you are cooking up a lovely roast duck – we can get you the best product available in town.

We also make a variety of delicious charcuterie in-house including smoked bacon, pancetta, fresh sausage, duck confit, pâtés and terrines in addition to other cured meats and salumi from top artisans.

And last, but certainly not least, we make the best sandwiches in Seattle. If you have a hankering for a Meatball sub, a Cheesesteak, some Porchetta or a hot Corned Beef – Dot’s Butcher & Deli is the place to be. Come and get some…

Dot's Butcher & Deli
Dot's Butcher & Deli Lamb Crepinettes
Dot's Butcher & Deli Lamb Crown Roast
Dot's Butcher Charcuterie plate

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